Poem on Voting x

If you have no need for public transport
If you never relied on NHS
If you have never sat down in a state school
If you’ve never had to pay out rent
If you’ve never done a shitty job
Smiled through gritted teeth to knobs
If you’ve never had to cook or mop
Budget for a weekly shop
I do not understand
How your CV could come out top
To lead decisions on curriculum, housing, health, transport or jobs.

Trying to decide who to vote for. Watching lots of Question Time, interviews and other stuff you can do as a parent who can’t really go and listen to lots of actual people talking in real life about this stuff.
But I just keep writing short rhymes about it. Always good to clear the mind a bit, reminding me of being back at school writing poems about physics equations (I did do that, yes!)

I know it does not mean they’ll be a better leader if, for example, they went to a state school (Ed Miliband), or have had a shit job at some point in their lives, but when they’ve done none of the above, none of the above, I can’t handle it. I know this is not how to make decisions on voting but I wish I could get a sheet of the leaders of parties educational, rental, healthcare, transport and employment backgrounds too x



Published by Hollie Poetry

Hollie is a UK poet who loves writing. @holliepoetry https://twitter.com/holliepoetry www.facebook.com/holliepoetry www.youtube.com/holliepoetry

3 thoughts on “Poem on Voting x

  1. Have just read your poem on voting. Totally agree with you that you have to experience NHS etc to be able to make laws and represent your voters. I suppose we should all get involved in grass roots movements, partly also to see how difficult it is to change things.
    Really like your poetry.
    Good luck with all your ventures.

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