A Hot Cup of Tea with Hollie McNish

A Hot Cup of Tea with Hollie McNish
Series starts TOMORROW on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour x
For the last three months I’ve been working with producer @AbbyHollick travelling to people’s homes to have a cup of tea and a chat about a lot of different aspects of parenthood. Aspects which we felt are rarely covered in the mainstream media.
Tomorrow the seven part series starts on @BBCWomansHour, ten minute takeover each day OR if you fancy listening to all the episodes at once, they’ll all be put up tomorrow on iplayer.
This is the first time I’ve ever interviewed people. I’m no professional and learning as I go along so please ignore my stumbling and focus on the brilliant stories from all the guests – really really honoured to be part of this – hope it sheds a bit of light on some of the many aspects of parenting that get hidden under the catalogue parenting ads and clean white sofas! x

Published by Hollie Poetry

Hollie is a UK poet who loves writing. @holliepoetry https://twitter.com/holliepoetry www.facebook.com/holliepoetry www.youtube.com/holliepoetry

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