Dear AQA

Dear Aqa, As a professional author and mother of a young girl, I would like to share a few poems that I have been asked to read in schools to GCSE age students, mainly by concerned teachers or school nurses who have few other ways to speak of safe female sexual pleasure to students butContinue reading “Dear AQA”


In my head, I shot the woman

Just been sketching memories on the train…here’s one     ***   In my head, I shot the woman.   It was the same journey we always did. Great Gran’s house to Glasgow Queen Street train station. Queen’s Street station to Edinburgh Waverley. Edinburgh Waverley to London King’s Cross. London King’s Cross to London Paddington.Continue reading “In my head, I shot the woman”

Breastfeeding for Geeks

Breastfeeding for Geeks I get sent a LOT of articles and books and notes and emails and personal stories about breastfeeding. I have never studied infant health. I have never worked in maternity services. I studied economics. And from this point of view, in my humble and mathematic-loving opinion, I wish policy-makers would get overContinue reading “Breastfeeding for Geeks”