312 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Hollie!

    I did one of your workshops when I studied abroad in Canterbury. When will your album be available in the U.S.? iTunes won’t let me buy it and it looks awesome!

  2. Ásgeir – In Harmony.

    I hope this track brings comfort to you. Thankyou for coming to Belfast. I probably won’t be there but I wish every success. Keep writing. Paper refuses nothing.

  3. Congratulations Hollie! We were routing for you at The contenders show and we’re so thrilled that you’ve won. Yey! The very best of luck.

    Hannah & Kathryn xx

  4. Holly it’s willow here I wondered why I had not heard anything new from you in a while! Well woow! I just heard you on Radio 4 How amazing !! I wish you every success and I am so pleased for you !! Well done get going I shall be watching and listening…… sorry that sounds a tad creepy but you know what I mean!! YEA!!! xx

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