Point Blank Poets

Hollie McNish is part of poetry collective Point Blank Poets. For all enquiries: hollie@pagetoperformance.org

Point Blank Poets are a collective of the most exciting, emerging spoken word stars in the UK and recent winners of the prestigious UK Young Artists International Award. They focus on creatively responding to important contemporary issues with their fresh and lively live literature. They feel a passion for the power of words, in particular poetry, to add a dimension of empathy to situations. Each member has a successful individual poetry career and by working together hope to use their talents to really make a difference. They have performed all over the UK and beyond, including Germany, Morocco, Poland, France, Ireland, Belgium and the U.S and have collaborated with organisations such as TRAID, Amnesty International, PEN to raise awareness of various issues through poetry and performance.

As well as Hollie, they include:

Sabrina Mahfouz

Sabrina is a poet, playwright, performer, person who went to Edinburgh Festival with her first poetry solo show, Dry Ice, which was nominated for The Stage Award for Best Solo Performance and called ´astonishing´ by The Times. It is currently being made into a short film for Film4. Her new play, One Hour Only, has just won the Old Vic New Voices Edinburgh Award.

Chimene Suleyman

Chimene Suleyman is a writer and performer from North London. She was commissioned to write for and curate a text installation for the Royal Opera House, and recently represented the UK at the International Biennale, Rome 2011. She is the creator of spoken word night, Kid, I wrote back.

Bridget Minamore

Bridget is a 20-year-old student who has written with the National Theatre´s New Writers programme, had her poems exhibited at a TEDxLondon conference and meet the Queen at a reception for Young Artists last year. Writing poetry since she was 17, she has performed at the Roundhouse, 10 Downing Street and the King´s College Cambridge Women´s Dinner.

Deanna Rodger

Deanna Rodger is a talented writer and performer and since winning the UK slam title in 2007 has performed everywhere, including 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. She is a member of Point Blank Poets, Keats House Poets Forum and Rubix Collective. She is a keen events producer and works with Dean Atta to produce ´Come Rhyme with Me´ and the Chill Pill team to produce Chill Pill. She is a budding actress, currently in the National Youth Theatre REP Company, and enjoys doing her bit for society through taking part in conscious events such as SUCK OUT: Young London´s Response to the BNP, Help Haiti, Silence Is Not Golden, Rhyme Won´t Wait, Love Lyrics Hate Racism and Occupy London Stock Exchange.
Dean Atta
Dean Atta has been writing and performing for more than 10 years, during which he has been commissioned to write poems for galleries including the Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery and Keats House, as well as organisations such as the Damilola Taylor Trust. Denouncing homophobia and racism, last summer he made a BBC 1Xtra documentary with SBTV presenter Georgia Lewis Anderson called No Homo: Hip Hop´s Last Taboo. The programme highlighted what Atta feels is the rejection of gay people by rap culture, and in January, his groundbreaking poem I Am Nobody´s Nigger went viral, receiving over 30, 000 hits on YouTube. His play Queen Pokou, based on the mythological West African princess, is currently being performed on the London fringe.

3 thoughts on “Point Blank Poets

  1. Hello Hollie, I really enjoyed meeting you last night. Just checked out Point Blank and I have met and seen perform Chimeyne too. I am trying to send you ‘that’ poem but can’t find an email for you so I will try Facebook. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine. X

  2. Holly,

    I just heard your breast feeding lyrics. Powerfull, motivating, insightful, passionate……love personified in your words…!

    you are inspiring so many

    Mike of Arabia

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