Poems for Christmas xxx

In case you are feeling Christmassy ( I don’t care it’s November, my tree’s been up for two weeks) and looking for some good poetry books (always top on the Santa wish list ey), here are some of the poems I’ve loved and thrown over my floor this year…   My favourite poetry magazine:Popshot Magazine:Continue reading “Poems for Christmas xxx”


Fish and Chip Friday: Where Poetry Meets Cooking

If like me, you love rhyme, poetry, music AND love cooking and think it’s praps a good idea to start engaging young people with the kitchen again, teaching them how to explore food and mealtimes…check this out   Most excitable chef I’ve ever seen!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRigucg9x5k   This guy is called Inja and is chefContinue reading “Fish and Chip Friday: Where Poetry Meets Cooking”

Women vs Lady – History of British Football

After reading four books, three essays, lots of websites and all information at the National Football Museum, Manchester, on the History of Women’s Football, I am more and more fascinated by one seemingly small change in the language of the commentary on matches. From 1890s to 2015, the players have gone from being ‘girls’ (orContinue reading “Women vs Lady – History of British Football”