Kid Friendly Poetry

I keep getting asked if I have any poetry online suitable for younger people, say Primary aged or year 7. I am trying to make more of my stuff more accessible and in general cut out swearing etc. I swear a lot. I always have, especially when I’m angry and I write a lot when I’m angry about things. But my gran doesn’t like it and I don’t so much either! In the meantime, here are some of the poems I have online which I know teachers have used with Primary school groups. I hope that’s helpful.

If you listen to these and I’ve missed something ie a swear word, please let me know!

If you are a teacher and you think of others, let me know!! I’m currently putting all my poems for 5 year olds together and hope to have them up soon too x (A selection of poems I wrote for The Economist Education Foundation)

Toilet poetry

Poetry in Schools: Cottenham Village College

In November 2012 I ran a poetry project with artist Inja in Cottenham Village College Sixth Form Centre, organised by Start Arts – The aim of the workshops was for the students to feel more ownership of their new school building, to respect it and each other.
We ran a days poetry workshop with the students, after which we took snapshots of their work and exhibited these in various hidden and humorous locations around the school as part of the Rheebridge Art Exhibition.

Here are some of the snapshops now permanently displayed in the school:

Larger images below:

Under the Stairs

Main piece

Poem in the entrance area to the sixth form

Love Poetry
A poem about relationship issues placed in the ‘cosy corner’ area of the school on the ceiling above the sofa

A very heartfelt phrase from a student placed in the light beam of the stairs

What do you think?

What do you think? Placed in sight of the seating lunch space

Student's work placed in the main space cafe area
Student’s work placed in the main space cafe area

Strong Words: Poetry Workshops

I recently had the pleasure of running a series of workshops with a group of brilliant young females as part of a project called Strong ords. The project was managed by Romsey Mill. We looked at what poetry really was, wrote some, read some and laughed a lot.

Favourite quotes from the group:

“I hate poetry”

“That’s not poetry, is it?”

“Poetry is Shakespeare and boring shit”

Here are a few images.

Young female’s writing group led by Hollie McNish

Lily’s writing book the week after she ‘hated poetry’!

Brainstorming anonymously

The poem above was used for the Cambridgeshire Olympics film. I worked with filmmaker Peter Harmer to find 6 young poets to write introductions on the themes of community, legacy, diversity, inspiration, success and culture. The poem above was used for the community poem, read by myself for reasons of shyness on her part!

Workshops and Poetry Slam with British Council, Latvia

Latvia Trip. All Images © British Council, Latvia

I recently went to Latvia with the British Council to take part in the White Night festival. This involved leading workshops on spoken word, lectures and gigs. It was brilliant. I went with Pete the Temp.

Here are some photos:

Here is a video about it all: