New sketch: YOU WIN

Quick sketch of thoughts on the advertising industry after reading another article blaming mothers’ at work for children’s issues…


take her! go on just take her!
i can’t do this any more!
you are too rich
you are too big
i am too tired
i am too small

put up your billboards!
sell her all those dreams
too high for her
to ever reach!

then highlight all her flaws
until she’s certain
she’s the ugliest

go on and tell her she’s too fat!
go on! then tell her she’s too thin
til she is petrified
of any life that
creeps across
her skin

go on just take her! i can’t fight you!
i’m so fucking tired of trying
david did not beat goliath
i don’t believe it anymore

so come pour
all your fucking sweeties
at each checkout
where we’re standing
coat your cereals in cartoons
your happy meals
in shit free toys
your fizzy drinks
endorsed by all
her favourite kid

til she’s begging me
and begging me
and begging me
and begging me again

i know this is your strategy
so well done you, it works

i’m so tired of saying no
– so go ahead, she’s yours

make another fucking million
feeding her your shit
then telling her she’s shit
for eating all your shit
then selling her your fix

I’m told
mothers are to blame
for obesity and body shame

I’m standing at the checkout
She’s begging. I say no again

She tells me I’m the worst mum
She’s grumpy. I’m no fun at all.

I feel the advertising team
betting on my fall.


Published by Hollie Poetry

Hollie is a UK poet who loves writing. @holliepoetry

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