New Poem on Mourning

Just wrote this after walking by the graveyard I walk past each day. Not sure a title yet:


when I die

please fling my ashes

somewhere nice and warm

i pass the graveyard everyday

the headstones look so cold


don’t bother with a patch of ground

for flowers plucked to wilt upon

as people pass and count my years

leave earth’s well-formed rocks alone


don’t shove me in another urn

a golden box atop a shelf

so bored I’d be up there alone

save your cash, enjoy yourself


go mourn me – if you want to mourn –

somewhere we have loved to be

get two pornstar martinis

down both prosecco shots for me

cup the floating passion fruits

lick the juices greedily


go snuggle in the cinema

read a whole book on the couch

get your arse up on a dancefloor

move your bones about


buy niger seeds and birdfeeders

and watch the goldfinch flock

climb up to the Campsie fells

flash the whole world far below

yours tits or arse or cock


I promise I’ll be there with you

Can’t promise I won’t watch


by Hollie McNish



Published by Hollie Poetry

Hollie is a UK poet who loves writing. @holliepoetry

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