I put this poem up earlier and have had a lot of responses. And quite rightly, some criticism. It was a quick scribble, and praps I shouldn’t share those, but they also open me up to being questioned and criticised and I need that. So thanks for all the feedback.
And for those who say it’s too harsh on the girls who are writing the mean poems, I get that and have tried to edit the point much better cos its not how I meant it and I’m totally aware that anyone can be bullied and whichever way you look, it’s bloody hard…hope this is better. It is really just out of tiredness at all the hate directed from girls and women at other girls and women for things that aren’t at all helpful. And I don’t wanna add to that. So…edited better I hope x
…A scribbled poem I wrote after too many workshops with girls and women where the ‘top set’ or ‘higher achieving’ girls write scathing poems about the ‘popular (mainly those popular with boys)’ or ‘made up’ or ‘vain’ girls in their schools. I am very bored of this divide and the idea that girls and women genuinely fit into any sort of categories lime this x
She is taking pictures of her face
made up with paints and pencils
you are mocking girls like her
as vain, inane and wasteful
Yes, she has angled every photo
arm outstretched, top left side
her mouth is in a practised pout
her eyes are looking up and wide
Yes, she has posted this same picture
on her timeline every day for weeks
the caption changes underneath
essentially, the only tweak
Her followers are rising
her ‘likes’ are rising too
and you are criticising her in words
showing me she’s not like you
That you are not inane like that
you’ve better things to show
your photos are of art and books
of travelling, unposed
as if you are something better
because you do not pose, pout your lips
but she’s just taking pictures
whereas you’re taking the piss
out of a another female, likely young
also pressurised to look the best
receiving ‘love’ with every post
unsure how to view herself
and you do not take selfies, great
and perhaps she can be mean to you
but maybe she is insecure
the same way you are too.

Published by Hollie Poetry

Hollie is a UK poet who loves writing. @holliepoetry

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