What have the Conservatives done for Women?

For anyone who fancies a watch. Share this if you want. Young women are the least likely to vote in this election because apparently they feel that politics isn’t for them, or doesn’t apply to them as much.
I know this is all the bad policies of the Conservatives, but I think it makes a fucking good point. I fundamentally disagree with the basis of most Conservative policies, which is why I am not voting for them. Not because I think they’re ‘too rich’ or ‘greedy’ or that I don’t ‘like’ Theresa May. None of that. I don’t know the woman. I am not voting Conservative because I disagree with their central arguments, mainly the idea that with hard work and determination anyone can ‘make it’. I think that’s bollocks and doesn’t work as an economic system.
Anyone who’s ever had a sudden illness, needed paid time off work, had an awful boss or job and wanted desperately to look for a new one but couldn’t afford to do it without a benefit system; anyone who’s had to juggle childcare and school runs, especially on shit contract or low wages; anyone who’s relied on any public services really.
Anyway, I just don’t think the Conservative’s economic ideas are realistic or workeable. So I’m not voting for them. As a person and a woman and a mother I’m not voting for them.



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