Casting call….three month olds

Trying to avoid the very white media bias of baby images…please read / share:
Calling babies based in London (or willing to travel) for £50-£100:
Ok…so not sure how to say this really but I’m making a new film / poem with the brilliant director Jake Dypka who did Embarrassed and we’ve almost cast everyone they need for it. It is a highly diverse mix of people and images in all senses of the word.
BUT…the film starts with two babies. It is the focus of the poem really, the way babies are born naked and then dressed as we see fit for a boy / girl – the directors would love to find two 3 month olds (roughly).
All of the people who have replied to the casting call (and we are very bloody grateful for this) have very very pale skinned babies. As the mother of a light brown-skinned little girl I constantly notice that of all the lack of skin tones that exists in advertising and media, babies are perhaps one of the worst white-washed areas of this. Motherhood / pregnancy / babies . family is such a white dominated arena in most UK media.
I love all babies. But I don’t want to add to this
So, if anyone thinks that perhaps they’d be ok with their baby being in a new very short two minute poetry film which is solely to do with gender bias and the whole blue / pink categorisations of little kids (and adults) then please feel free to email:
to find out more…

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