Open for Tour Bookings

I’m currently open for a few more weeks to take tour bookings from theatres, festivals, record shops, book shops, gin bars, sweetie factories, castle dungeons or any other venue / event / organisation that might want me to come and read some poems from my new collection and has capacity / capability to run the event and get a bookseller in.
I like venues with a roof best and the ability for people to buy alcohol. The tour is appropriate for 16+ or younger if from liberal families that don’t mind their children hearing the words vagina / sex / plum. Accessibility is very important, as is being okay with parents bringing small babies attached to bottles or arms or boobs who are too little to leave at home.
The new collection is called Plum and it comes out on the 15th June with Picador. I’ll be touring it from June – end October and am taking bookings for another few weeks now x
Places already covered on the tour (and that I therefore can’t do and am very very excited about) are:
London (all of it)
and then some lovely festivals in rural fields I’m not allowed to announce yet.
Any enquiries about the book / tour and to find out fees / capacity / rider (one pint of tap water and maybe a glass of wine please) etc, please get in touch with
Thanks so so much xxx
Here’s a tiny bit about it in the Guardian (but with the wrong title!):
(photo of my face, copyright Amy Gwatkin)

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