Lovely Love Songs Playlist x

So….I’m not a Valentines Day hater….I LOVE a good love song, I listen a lot to late night love, heart fm. Don’t judge me. I like those ballads probably more than I should.
But…after spending a LOT of time this month in the car driving to gigs, I’ve started to notice more and more how limited our love songs on the radio are. All about straight couples, mainly young couples, and 80% sung from the guys point of view. I don’t hate the songs, I will belt them out with the best of them, but I am getting bit bored of the lyrics.
So I did a playlist for those days I wanna sing to the skies and belt out the love but also embrace all those other amazing loves in our life; our kids, parents, friends, dogs, food!
It’s been a private playlist for a while but today I thought, Hollie, you should spread the love! Other people might have your same shit taste in music and your same boredom with the repetition of lyrics about watching girls dance, women’s hips swirl or about young couples making or breaking.
It starts with The Hollies. Cos I was named after them. And made me realise that I do like the Spice Girls, even if I pretend not to.
ps Feel free to suggest others to put in it below!! x

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Hollie is a UK poet who loves writing. @holliepoetry

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