Anyone’s Anyone…Reading from #NobodyToldMe x

A couple things for this luscious Monday night….!

1. Seeing as not EVERYONE was at home last Saturday to watch the live stream, here’s a wee clip of me reading one of the pages from ‪#‎NobodyToldMe‬. The rest of the launch live stream, I’m afraid, is gone. It was a real live stream. Like the old fashioned days of television where you had to choose between sitting out on the park for a wee bit longer or getting home in time for Neighbours. Unless you caught the lunchtime one. (Or were cooler and less obsessed with neighbours than me!)

But….that live stream was so lovely to do and you were all so bloody nice about it, it’d be cool to do some more of those. If you fancy. I enjoyed being in my pyjamas a lot for a gig!

For now, here’s Anyone’s Anyone, a diary entry from pg 247 of the book, when my kid was 1 year 3 months old.



2. My publishers have told me they’re doing a competition. So…if you DO fancy hearing more from the book and DON’T want to spend £13.99 (understandable as it could also buy a good bottle of wine) then simply post a sentence below this message with the words Nobody Told Me to start it off. (See what they did there? Clever!!):

NOBODY TOLD ME……(and something about parenthood that no bugger told you about!).

In the case of my video, I guess it would be:

#NobodyToldMe I would not get to sit and read or drink a cup of tea while it was still hot for nearly two goddamn years!!! x


#NobodyToldMe I would feel so claustrophobic and crave my own space more than I craved Archers and lemonade at Liquid nightclub when I was eighteen.

!! (I haven’t won)

Have a lovely evening xxx

Anyone’s Anyone:


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6 thoughts on “Anyone’s Anyone…Reading from #NobodyToldMe x

  1. #NobodyToldMe that I would raise a child so compassionate that when he went out one evening to buy us a chippy tea he would come back with an injured pigeon instead

  2. Nobody told me… that your senses can become so heightened during pregnancy that the sound of the coffee maker is enough to induce vomiting.

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