Live Book Launch! Today at 9pm… x

Live Reading of Nobody Told Me. Tonight 9pm (that’s today because it’s now after midnight / Sat Feb 6th).

Nobody Told Me

On my youtube channel:

I have been testing this technology stuff for a week now. Sometimes it works. Most of the time. Twice it cut out and no-one has any idea why. I have a back up. I have wine. I have my book. And hopefully some of you will join me on your couch with your wine too (or tea or whatever).

I’d LOVE to read some of these stories out for you if you fancy. So I’ll be there tomorrow and love you to join me.

I’m a little scared about this but I’ll act cool and pretend I’m not!

Three scenarios in my head:
1.All goes well. My internet works. Some people tune in and enjoy some of the stories.
2.Some people tune in. There is a storm. My internet goes down and everything cuts out. I look a bit silly but we all cope.
3. No-one tunes in but I don’t know so I just read my book to myself at a screen.
Number 2 would be worst.

As I said, I’m totally and utterly not nervous about this!


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