First four reviews of Nobody Told Me….x

First four official reviews in for #NobodyToldMe:
Nobody Told Me
1. My Gran
I found your book on the table love. Think your dad left it. I had a look at the first few pages and cried so I’m not reading anymore.
2. My Dad
I’ve read it by the way. Your book. Don’t know what you were so worried about. But I read it backwards. It’s way better that way, much more interesting, otherwise it’s a bit predictable. I mean, you sort of know what’s gonna happen don’t you! Tell people to read it backwards. It would be good for guys to read, but they won’t cos it’s about parenting. Oh, and I found three typos. I won’t show you where. But yeah, three.
I enjoyed it. Really, don’t know why you were so worried about me reading it, I don’t come off that bad. I think you over-exaggerated my stuff a bit though, I was more helpful than you make out. But yeah, I really liked it. I think some people might read it. Night love.
3. My Mum
I didn’t think I’d like it. Sorry. But really Hollie. I’m not being mean, it’s just it’s pretty long isn’t it. 440 pages on being a parent? But I did finish it and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Some of the poems are really beautiful. I mean, it’s no Ted Hughes but I’m very proud of you. (Kiss // Hug)
4. My daughter.
Is that your book mum?
Wow! Can I have a copy?
Yes. Are you going to read it?

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