Signed by the Author….

After one too many emails I’ve had to send saying ‘no sorry, there’s not really a way for me to write on / sign books except at gigs’, I’ve now returned to my beloved band camp joy and set up a purchase page:

So…if you’d like a book that is signed, a CD that is signed, or for me to write a wee message on a book if it’s a gift, then this seems to be working.

But…it’s more expensive cos I get charged, have to do more, get the books in and get to the posties.

If you’d like the book at normal price, here’s the normal link:

If you’d prefer to buy something else of a similar price, here’s a link to make your own knickers:

Thanks x

The Book
The Book

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Hollie is a UK poet who loves writing. @holliepoetry

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