I really love cycling. If I could get a job cycling and doing poetry, that would be ace. Anyhow, wrote this when I got to work…


This is as close as I’ll ever be to a butterfly
rain coat zipped up to my chin
for the half hour bike ride
to work

Hair bunned
at the back
to fit in the hood
helmet clipped tightly
– I am waterproof

Now pace reaches peak
the streets are attacked
Cold frosts the trees
but the sweat coats my back

until one minute left
I let myself go
cycling slow
as I unbutton clothes
jacket unzipped
helmet unclipped
from beneath
hood stripped from my forehead
hairband released

Hair ruffled with hands
to be free in the wind
body to elements
cool down my skin

At that moment
I open
and peel myself free

I feel as close to
a new butterfly
as I’ll ever be


Published by Hollie Poetry

Hollie is a UK poet who loves writing. @holliepoetry

One thought on “Cocoon

  1. Like the realistic description of your bike gear contrasted with the butterfly image. Your stuff is always interesting and life-enhancing.

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