Nobody Told Me

Nobody told me you can’t use toilet paper
Nobody told me that you bleed
Nobody told me you might need a secret place
where you can scream.


After two years of waiting, I am totally stoked and nerve-wracked to announce that my new book – Nobody Told Me – is coming out in February 2016 with Little Brown of Blackfriars Books.

It’s a hefty 400 pages of all the diaries and poems and thoughts and feelings I wrote about becoming a parent. All the things I was unsure of, the things nobody told me and the things I didn’t want to talk about to anyone. They weren’t meant to be published, but after all the support I’ve had for poems like ‘Wow‘, ‘Embarrassed‘, ‘Breasts‘, I figured I should just go with this opportunity.

I’m sick of feeling ashamed about things to do with parenthood. About feeling guilty about being bored sometimes, despite the beauty and love of it, about loneliness, about not knowing how I feel about my body as a mum, about trying to be a worker and a parent and a partner, about issues around sex or relationships or feeding or just feeling guilty for everything I do and don’t do well! The more I talk to parents, the more it seems there are a lot of these undercurrents going on.

So this book is full of mine. I hope you enjoy reading it when it’s out. For now, here’s Embarrassed x







Published by Hollie Poetry

Hollie is a UK poet who loves writing. @holliepoetry

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