Biology for Five Year Olds

Inspired by my daughter and the Cambridge Science Festival, I can’t stop writing lots of pretty rubbish rhymes about questions she has asked me and questions I’m still not sure I know the answers too!

Most of them are using words she knows in first year of school. Tgought I’d share!

Here is the biology section!! x

I am sad

I start to cry

Water runs out

From my eyes


Why do I have water from my eyes?


I eat a cherry

The cherry is red

But when I poo

It’s brown instead


Why is my poo brown?


I eat beans for lunch

The beans go in my belly

I start to fart

The fart is smelly


Why do I fart? And why is it smelly?


I eat more beans

I fart some more

That fart is like a lion –



Why has a fart got a noise?


I jump and jump

on my bed

And when I stop

My face is red


Why is my face red if I jump a lot?


I play all day

And do not drink

When I wee

It really stinks


Why is wee stinky if I do not drink a lot?


I eat an ice cream

Then 5 more

My belly starts

To feel sore


Why is my belly sore if I eat and eat and eat?


I put on socks

The day is hot

My toes get sweaty

Till I take the socks off


Why do I get sweaty feet?


I cut my knee

It bleeds a bit

A scab soon grows

To cover / plaster it


What is a scab?


In my nose

If I dig deep

Is a hole

Where bogeys sleep


What is a bogey?


Hollie x



Published by Hollie Poetry

Hollie is a UK poet who loves writing. @holliepoetry

5 thoughts on “Biology for Five Year Olds

  1. That reminds me a lot of an old Mike Harding song called There’s Some Things That The Grown Ups Just Won’t Tell You. It’s ace. And is on iTunes…

  2. Hi Hollie

    We are music students at University of Aberdeen running a project promoting positive body image for women of all ages. We have used your poem WOW as inspiration for our participants and they have loved it and written there own. We are coming to see you in Aberdeen and can’t wait to hear it live. We are also finishing the project with an exhibition of the work created, as well as reflecting the participants personal body image through music. We would really appreciate it if you had a message for our ladies to include in the final gallery.

    Thanks so much
    Becca and Grace

    1. Hey! It was you I met I assume – lush to meet you! I think the thing I think most is: Your body is there to help you enjoy life through, nothing more. If it works well, healthily, lets you taste, touch, sense the world, appreciate it. Many people don;t have that luxury x

  3. Just heard you on Woman’s Hour, which I rarely catch these days. So pleased I did. I had never heard of you before. Filled with admiration. The breast feeding poem/song really struck a chord with me. So pleased to have been introduced to you. Thank you

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