Tour Timings for your trains home x

I’ve been getting quite a few emails off folk asking for start and finish times for the tour dates. And as it’s a lot of money to pay for tickets to miss half the show, I have posted these up. So…this is the final info I have been given this week. This is when I’ve been told doors open and then show will start. So I will be there then. At the mic on the stage. And the finish times are approximate, depending on how many heckles there are or whether I read the poems a bit faster or slower. My set is roughly an hour. Can’t wait to see you there and sorry for any confusion xxx


Leeds College of Music

Doors: 19:30

Show start: 20:30

Show end: 22:00



Oran Mor

Doors: 19.00

Show start: 19.30

Show end: 21.00



The Rainbow Warehouse

Doors 19:00

Show start: 20:00

Show end: 21:30



The Old Market

Doors 19:30

Show start: 20:30

Show end: 22:00




Doors 18:30

Show start: 20:00

Show end: 21:45




Doors 19:30

Show start: 20:30

Show end: 22:00



Islington Assembly Hall

Doors 19:00

Show start: 20:00

Show end: 21:30



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2 thoughts on “Tour Timings for your trains home x

  1. Hollie- I’m coming to Leeds tomorrow. My question is….do audiences tend to stand? I’m only asking as I have arthritis and I’m on crutches and so I’m nervous that I’d not be able to see. I don’t suppose you could help me get a front row seat could you?!! Gosh that’s incredibly cheeky so whilst I’m at it, I’d love to be able to say hello to you!

    Take care and good luck x

    1. Hey, glad I saw this. I can’t get the seats reserved now but there is NO standing, all seated, that was one thing I was very clear on! I really hope that’s ok. If not, I’m sure people will swap seats. but no, no standing! Come and say hello tho! x

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