My Response to Nudity…


I just wanted to answer a few people’s questions cos I keep repeating myself while replying to people who tell me I hate boobs, nudity, nakedness sex etc etc because of poems I have done about Page 3, Women, Sex, Touch…

Here’s the answer:

I like naked bodies – I find nudity liberating if it’s on equal terms. Skinny dipping with a partner, being naked at home, being on a beach with loads of people milling about in bikinis and trunks. Our bodies are so cool. The reason I hate videos like Robin Thicke’s shit blurred lines, MTV in general, Page 3 etc isn’t because I hate nudity, I love nudity, I just hate it on unequal terms. The girls are nude, the guys are dressed. This doesn’t represent our ‘freedom’ within society. The only place in society that happens in real life rather than in The Sun Page 3, The Star, MTV videos and music award shows is in strip clubs and brothel windows. Women naked, men dressed. When I see a video with everyone half or fully nude, we’ll be laughing. It’ll look fun to me and I’ll enjoy it. I like nakedness. Repeat: I like nakedness and I think our bodies are ace x


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11 thoughts on “My Response to Nudity…

  1. There is a flavour of pornography callled CFNM which stands for “clothed fremale, naked male” It sounds like it might be your thing… tends to be videos of parties and events where drunk women get male strippers in to dance around, strip off, and they will often take turns handling their penis, jacking them off, sucking them and sometimes even fucking. While it’s all fun and games, I think the main point is, it’s just not really all that popular. While your particular tastes might be to see a big sausage fest, that’s not what the market wants. And it’s the market that decides these thingx.

    1. It seems pretty obvious from what I said that this wouldn’t be my thing? I didn’t say I wanted the opposite in any of this. And after 2 years studying a masters in economics and trade I’m pretty damn sure the market neither decides things nor is representative of general society. The industry we are talking about for example, both porn and music, is generally dominated by rich, western, heterosexual men over 35. That can obviously be further categorised by the fact they are in high paid powerful positions etc etc. ‘what people want’ and what is created or pushed by those in powerful positions in any industry or government even is not as easy as the way you suggest. And in terms of my taste it seems obvious I’d like porn where men and women are both naked and hopefully both having as much fun as the other. Thanks for your comment

      1. really happy to hear someone like you, speaking up ! you bring hope back to life
        horray finally , some real women standing up for their own ideas and concepts !
        obviously there is something critically wrong with this extremely sexist society ! It shocks me that all men refuse to notice that, but how to blame them, when women are completely going with it , thinking they are coool and free !
        love x

    2. Although I am sure noone will read this anymore, I really need to reply to this. CFNM is not about equality. It is not about reversing the usual roles or making women more powerful because they are dressed. These sets, which are all staged by the way, are solely set up to feed the phantasy of the same target group that is adressed in all porn movies. The phantasy in this case is being the only cock in a hen coop. The males are exposed, yes, but in a completely different way than the women are exposed when the dress code is reversed. If you REALLY reversed the roles of males and females, it would look more like this

    1. Yes I know it was meant to be a satire but I don’t think it was good enough that it worked that way. Neither do all the teenagers that have been interviewed about it. Yes, meant as a piss take, didn’t get that across as much as it should have.

  2. My youngest is still in the “naked is fun” stage. Bodies are indeed beautiful. I nursed him for 3 years, and I’m convinced he has and will have a healthy perspective on sex, nakedness, and anatomy. Teaching our children is the most fertile workshop.

    1. I’m still in the “naked is fun” stage, too. But I’m only 63. We taught our children that bodies are beautiful, natural and fun, and that it is healthy to enjoy being naked.

  3. Hi Hollie, saw your stand up poem on breastfeeding and loved it. In the 70s I was at a party at a friends and she asked me to breastfeed in the bedroom so nobody could see me. Hurt me so badly. Still, being a Scot I never gave in. Major problem is the corporate world. When I see the ads for “follow on” I think yes it is called food. May your next poem be Follow On Food xx

  4. My writer friend Suki makes ends meet as a life model. She makes negligible money from her published writing so works naked for groups of artists who are all fully clothed. Sometimes they may be wrapped in coats and scarves in a cold studio while she poses naked.

    She finds it liberating. (Not the ‘cold’ bit!)

    It has fed her creative life. Her blog and the online serialisation of her autobiography address lots of these issues.

    – Bel

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