In November 2012 I ran a poetry project with artist Inja in Cottenham Village College Sixth Form Centre, organised by Start Arts – The aim of the workshops was for the students to feel more ownership of their new school building, to respect it and each other.
We ran a days poetry workshop with the students, after which we took snapshots of their work and exhibited these in various hidden and humorous locations around the school as part of the Rheebridge Art Exhibition.

Here are some of the snapshops now permanently displayed in the school:

Larger images below:

Under the Stairs

Main piece

Poem in the entrance area to the sixth form

Love Poetry
A poem about relationship issues placed in the ‘cosy corner’ area of the school on the ceiling above the sofa

A very heartfelt phrase from a student placed in the light beam of the stairs

What do you think?

What do you think? Placed in sight of the seating lunch space

Student's work placed in the main space cafe area
Student’s work placed in the main space cafe area

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